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Precisely Payroll - Professional Payroll ServicesProfessional Payroll Services


Our team of payroll specialists, combined with extremely flexible software allows us to offer our clients a very comprehensive payroll service at very affordable prices. Our basic services include the preparation of your payroll checks, a full range of management reports and a completely automated electronic tax and form service.


We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your individual business needs. Because we maintain processing centers in each office, quick turn around is the rule, not the exception. Most of our customers enjoy the convenience of same-day service.

Our system allows for a multitude of income types, be they wages, piece- work, tips, or commissions. We can also track all deductions such as 401K, 125 Café plans, AFLAC, garnishments, child support, or any others your company might require.

Additional payroll services include direct deposit of employee's checks. We also offer electronic tax deposit, eliminating you having to worry about payroll taxes altogether.


You get all these reports for one low fee

  • Attendance Report
  • Employee Income Register
  • Deduction Register
  • Check Register
  • Payroll Register
  • Tax Information Report
  • Payroll Input Worksheet
  • Federal and State Quarterly Reports
  • Federal and State Annual Reports
  • Employee and Tax liabilities checks

Optional Services

  • Direct Deposit for One or All Checks
  • Certified Payroll
  • Electronic Tax Service
  • Computer Generated Check Signature
  • P.C. Based Input and Report Writer

Other Available Reports

  • Workers Compensation Reports
    (P/R total by dept. or report due by carrier)
  • Sick / Vacation Report
  • Employee History Reports
  • Job Costing / Labor Distribution Reports

Customizable Reports

  • Customer Specific Journal Entry Report 
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